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My practice of Somatic Therapy is based on the belief that when the body-mind is balanced, we live fully vital and peaceful lives.  We can achieve that balance through many activities both alone and with a practitioner. In my work I combine a number of body-mind approaches that calm the body so that the mind can release thoughts, beliefs and other aggravations that lead to pain and discomfort. Some of the techniques that I use to:bring awareness to how our body's sensations relate to our emotional lives include:. 

·         Eden Energy Medicine, a process similar to acupuncture without the needles

·         Neuroacoustic Sound Healing, transmits sound and vibration through the massage table to balance

the sympathetic and parasympathetic actions of the nervous system. 

·         Visualizations to promote positive self-awareness and Emotional Release Techniques

to let go of stale energies from the sub-conscious mind

  Spiritual Mentoring, including discussions based on your questions and backed by my training as an Holistic Counselor.  The goal is to reconnect to Source Energy by identifying and releasing belief systems that are no longer supportive.

Meridian Massage - a combination of gentle Swedish massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine

focusing on moving Chi through the meridian system.


If you have an interest in creating balance in your life, call me for a brief consultation or an appointment: 

 904-477-2388;   judithstruck@gmail.com




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