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Supporting the balance of body and mind through the wisdom of spirit

About the Practitioner

Judith D. Struck, MA, LMT (MA 60891)

Master of Arts in Holistic Counseling, Salve Regina University, 1999

Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010

Certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner and Teacher 2010

ABMP Certified Somatic Therapist 2010

Reiki Master 1995

Neuroacoustic sound practitioner, 2011

Living a balanced life is an important goal for me.  I believe that if we take responsibility for our lives we will be aware of what we need to maintain balance.  My services are designed to support clients as they learn what balance means to them.  The sessions can include kinesiology to determine where energy may be stuck, acupressure to encourage energy flow, guided visualization and meditation to access the sub-conscious mind, and neuroacoustic sound healing to promote integration in the central nervous system. I have created my practice around modalities that work for me, that are non-invasive and that can be learned by anyone with the desire to feel whole. I have recently added an AromaDome to my practice. This little tent allows the client to feel the full effects of diffused essential oils in 20 or 30 minute sessions on the Neuroacoustic Sound Table. 

I do what I do because seeing clients reach their potential gives me great joy. I encourage personal responsibility through homework in the form of a daily energy routine that maintains a smooth flow of energy in all of the systems of the body.

In my spare time, I balance my life with exercise including walking, painting, swimming and yoga, cooking, crocheting baby blankets for newborns, reading, travel to exotic places with my husband, and chatting with my daughter.


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